BarreConcept SIGNATURE

LENGTH OF CLASS: 60 minutes

LEVEL: Suitable for all levels (no previous ballet training required!)

WHEN: Tuesday 7pm - 8 pm @ Hype Dance, Sheffield


SIGNATURE offers a slightly gentler pace to other classes on the BarreConcept timetable. It’s 100% accessible for all ages and fitness levels and heroes technique, while still delivering the intense muscle burn we’re famous for. 
Good technique is key to achieving results in barre fitness. In SIGNATURE classes we incorporate greater repetitions of moves and transitions between sets are slower, allowing you more time to practice moves. This is great for developing correct positioning and alignment before progressing to the next level and will ultimately help you achieve your fitness goals faster.
A word from a regular client:
"SIGNATURE is a tough workout but a softer alternative to ESSENTIALS classes. There aren't as many people in the class so the instructor is able to give more individual attention to each client, ensuring you understand the foundations of every movement and why we're doing it."       Katharine Tooley, (Junior Doctor)

We highly recommend this class for beginners or just getting back into fitness, pre or postnatal clients, or those returning after an injury.

This SIGNATURE class is not suitable for pregnant clients.

Female Athlete


LENGTH OF CLASS: 60 minutes

LEVEL: Intermediate 

WHEN: Not currently available

A step-up in intensity from our BASICS class, ESSENTIALS is all about higher repetitions and less recovery time between sets. As you would expect, all modifications in this class are advancements to get you burning and shaking as quickly as possible for as long as possible. This is a challenging class and requires a strong understanding of classic BarreConcept moves to be able to take them up a level.

To ensure you get the most out of it you must complete 10-15 BASICS classes before progressing to this format.

This ESSENTIALS class is not suitable for pregnant clients.



A gentle introduction to Barre...

LENGTH OF CLASS: 60 minutes

LEVEL: Suitable for all (no previous ballet training required!)

WHEN: Separate Intro class is not currently available. Come along to our SIGNATURE Class at a discounted price Tuesday 7 pm - 8 pm.



INTRODUCTION offers your first session is discounted and is aimed at newcomers to the unique BarreConcept Method. We recommend this class as your first booking with us, so you can familiarise yourself fully before progressing to either a BASICS or ESSENTIALS class

The aim of the class is not only to give you a full-body workout, but to make sure that you also receive a proper introduction to our class formats, etiquette, use of props, and an opportunity to ask your instructor any questions you have in a supportive environment where everyone in the class is starting out.

This class starts with an introduction where you can learn some movements and be introduced to some of the terminologies that will be used in the workout.  This way you’ll be equipped with all you need to hit the barre hard and smash your fitness goals.

This INTRODUCTION class is not suitable for pregnant clients. 

You will be asked to complete a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) before your first class for health and safety reasons.