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Barre Concept with Sarah ONLINE

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Connect with my virtual barre platform where you will be able to Barre with me anywhere, anytime. Within my private Facebook group 'Barre Concept with Sarah ONLINE' I share:

Full Workouts

Quick Workouts

Warm-up Sequences

Barre Sequences (Short/Medium/Long)

Floor Sequences

Stretch Sequences

Barre Express (under 45 mins)

Barre workouts are varied for all fitness backgrounds so that you can access barre at your own level and pace. All exercises have a modification and progression option to keep challenging you further. You will have access to two Barre Concept levels:

Barre BASICS (beginners) or

Barre ESSENTIALS (intermediate).

What EQUIPMENT do i need?

You will need something sturdy to lean on; the back of a stable chair, a table, banister or kitchen worktop will all make a suitable 'barre'. You will need a Pilates/yoga mat or towel for the floor work and a Pilates medium soft ball/any soft ball you have for some of the workouts. I recommend you wear comfortable fitness clothes, bare feet, grip socks or ballet shoes.


What can I EXPECT from a barre workout?

The barre workouts are filmed in my living room and I do every movement along-side you so that it is easy to copy the movements as we go! Music will be played alongside the workouts to keep you in-time with the music and motivated. Barre is a flowing, non-stop workout and i will keep going for the benefit of those who want to, but if you need to take a break simply pause the video and join back in when you can. Each movement will be called out ahead of time so that you don't have to stop. Each step begins with a full range movement, followed by an end range movement and ends with a static hold and stretch to create that long, lean dancers physique. Be prepared to feel a 'burn' deep into the muscles 

How does the SUBSCRIPTION work?

Your subscription will begin as soon as you subscribe and last until the end of the month. When your payment has been successful, you will be added as a 'friend' on Facebook to the Barre Concept with Sarah Online Facebook group where you will have instant access to the group. 

Monthly subscription is £9 per month (which you can cancel at any time)

To join the virtual barre platform, just follow the 'Subscribe' link below.

 Looking forward to seeing you at the barre soon!







Unlimited access to my barre workouts on the 'Barre Concept with Sarah ONLINE' Facebook group to use anywhere, anytime.​

£9 Per Calendar Month

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